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Florida Photographer Gets Glimpse Of Private Prison Industry Corruption (Video)

A photographer had his phone taken from him by an assistant warden at a private Florida prison because the warden did not want the photographer taking pictures of the prison.

Yes, seriously.

According to Photography Is Not a Crime, the photographer was standing across the street on public property when the warden came and took his phone, which prompted a brief confrontation between the men and a visit from the police.

The photographer argued that he was allowed to photograph the prison since he was on public property, but the warden did not like that explanation. The warden then snatched the photographer’s phone and refused to give it back to him until police showed up at the scene.

Luckily, the photographer had a back-up camera running that captured the whole ordeal on video. You can check out the video below.

If the photographer, Jeffrey Gray, decides to file a lawsuit against warden George Dedos and the Lake City Youthful Offender Facility, his video will serve as crucial evidence.

The prison being filmed in the video is reportedly a private prison owned by Corrections Corporations of America. CCA is the largest private prison company in the country.

Here’s the full video of Gray’s confrontation with the Lake City warden: 

Source: Photography is Not a Crime


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