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Parents Arrested For Bribing Teens With Marijuana, Cocaine

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A Florida couple reportedly used marijuana to bribe their kids into getting good grades and doing chores, police reported.

“My mind is blown that they are concerned about chores and schoolwork,” one commenter wrote. “Doesn’t really fit the profile.”

Joey and Chad Mudd allegedly provided pot several times and even cocaine on one occasion.

Mrs. Mudd admitted to smoking pot with her children on five separate occasions. One time, Mr. Mudd reportedly even snorted cocaine with his teenage daughters while they were in his truck.

Both parents were arrested and jailed, though Mrs Mudd was released from Pinellas County jail on Wednesday after posting $5,000 bond. She was ordered to have no contact with her children, who have been placed with a relative.

Mr Mudd, a restaurant worker, has remained in jail on six counts of child abuse and one count of cocaine possession. 

Sources: DailyMail, Gawker

Photo Credit: Gawker


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