Children Found Living In Home Littered With Dog Feces, Bugs And Marijuana (Photos)

Police arrested two Florida parents after discovering that their children were living in horrible, inhumane conditions.

28-year-old Dustin Deck and 27-year-old Katie Renner were arrested on Tuesday and their two children, who are 18 months and 5 years old, were sent to live with a relative. Police first arrived at the home after Renner called to report that Deck had physically assaulted her. Upon arrival, officers were shocked to find that the house was infested with bugs, littered with dog feces and filled with rotting food. Police also found that there were 15 pit bulls living there along with marijuana paraphernalia.

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"These two are in jail where they belong. It is one thing if you want to sit around, smoke pot and live in nasty conditions as an adult," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. "But it is an entirely different thing if you do those things while neglecting the basic needs of children and animals under your care."

The police report alleges that Renner told authorities she thought the house was clean and that they were “happy.” Police, obviously, thought otherwise.

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“She told deputies if people don't like her house then they don't need to come over,” said the police report. “She admitted to the marijuana being in the home and admitted to smoking marijuana, saying she believed marijuana should be legal. Two pit-bull dogs were locked in a cage with no overhead cover to protect them from the direct sunlight and intense heat. There was no access to fresh or clean water.”

Both Deck and Renner are now in jail and facing serious charges. Deck faces five charges, including posession of marijuana, child neglect, posession of drug paraphernalia, domestic violence battery and assault on a law enforcement officer. Renner has officially been charged with six crimes, including child neglect, posession of marijuana, posession of drug paraphernalia, battery on a law enforcement officer, tampering with evidence and animal cruelty.

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