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Florida Official Tells Man Not to Take Pictures of Jail (Video)

Michael Burns of the activist group Cop Block Central Florida was recently taking pictures of the Polk County Jail in Frostproof, Fla., when he was told to stop by a Florida official.

According to, Burns was taking pictures from the side of a highway when Marvin Doyal drove up in a lane going against traffic.

Burns recorded a video (below) of the incident.

Doyal flashed a badge, identified himself as the "Inspector General," told Burns he could not take pictures of the prison and demanded to see his identification.

Burns asked if he was suspected of a crime and Doyal responded, "My probable cause is you taking pictures of the institution.”

Burns refused to give Doyal his I.D., would not step out of his car and simply drove off.

A LinkedIn page states that Doyal is “Director of Auditing, Office of the Chief Inspector General, Executive Office of the Governor, Florida."

Burns plans to return and take more pictures of the jail as he has done in the past.

The New York Daily News reported last month that Burns wore a T-shirt that said "F--- The Police" to court and won his case after being cited for an alleged obstructed license plate.

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