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Florida Official Claims He Used N-Word to Defend Himself (Video)

Ted Galatis, a city commissioner in Wilton Manors, Florida, claims that he used the N-word while defending himself during a road rage incident yesterday.

According to a police report, a car driven by Latoya Pinkney began honking at Galatis when he was in a grocery store parking lot. Pinkney's car reportedly followed Galatis home and that's when the fireworks started (video below).

The police report said Pinkney claimed that Galatis “began calling her and her passengers 'n-------.’”

Pinkney called the cops because she “did not want [Galatis] to get away with it,” notes the police report.

“I apologize for my use of the ’N’ word. It is something I never say,” Galatis said in a statement to NBC Miami. “I offer no excuse, other than it was uttered when I was being threatened in front of my own home.”

Galatis’ wife Donna claimed that Pinkney and her passengers threatened her with: “White b------, I’ll slice you up.”

According to, Pinkney said that Donna called her verbal names and threatened to use a knife on her passengers.

Pinkney claimed that she did not follow Galatis, but almost hit his car when he slammed on his brakes. Pinkney says Galatis stopped his car, got out, asked why she was following him and used the N-word.

Pinkney later told NBC Miami, “I never got called that word before.”

"I thought he was a drunk man," added Pinkney. "He was looking drunk."

Sources: NBC


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