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Florida Officers Fired After Being Linked To Prostitution, Shooting

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Two unnamed Florida officers were fired after it came to light that they had been the clients of a prostitute linked to a police shooting.

Last month, police attempted to arrest prostitute Mary Derossett during an undercover operation. Police had originally received a phone call tipping them off to Derossett.

However, Derossett’s uncle John interfered with the arrest by open firing. While shooting, John wounded an officer. John also suffered injuries as a result of return gunfire.

When Mary and her uncle were finally arrested, officers scanned through Mary’s phone records and text messages to uncover her client’s names. That’s when officers discovered that two of her clients were Florida deputies.

On Sunday, Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey expressed his “disgust” that the officers had participated in such an act. One officer had served for 14 years, while another had served for two years.

“I am absolutely disgusted and sickened by two people that took the oath and office to protect our citizens, violated their oath, and quite frankly, did everything they could to embarrass themselves and the great profession we serve in,” Ivey said. “It’s my goal to dishonor them as much as possible.”

During an internal investigation, both officers admitted to being Mary’s clients.

Currently, an investigation is under way into the acts of both officers. It’s expected that both will be prosecuted. 

Sources: DailyMail, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: WFTV via NY Daily News


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