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Florida Officer On Paid Leave After Failing To Show Up For 911 Call

Florida Sheriff Mike Scott has argued that one of his deputies should be fired after he neglected to show up at a 911 call.

On Friday afternoon around 1 p.m., someone called 911 though no one spoke on the other end of the line.

“We know that we dispatched a 911 call, we know that it was a valid call,” Scott said.

A deputy named Yvan Fernandez was reportedly on his way to the scene, but in a later investigation Scott reported that Fernandez never actually attended to the caller. Instead, investigators suspect he went to lunch.

“I need to confirm whether or not whether he was physically at the restaurant when the call came to him or whether he had not yet made it to the restaurant and was still en route,” Scott said.

About 30 minutes after the call, a second deputy was dispatched. Before help arrived, family friends found the caller, Gwen Minis, lying on the ground outside her house and covered in ants. She held pills in one hand and wasn’t moving.

Minis had reportedly just left the hospital after having a heart attack.

Though details of the event are still unclear, it’s certain that almost an hour went by before a deputy arrived at the scene to find Minis dead.

Scott took Fernandez’s gun, badge and vehicle after learning about the incident. Fernandez is currently on administrative leave with pay.

Sources: Wink News, Topix / Photo Credit: Flickr


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