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Florida Officer Becomes Friends With Wandering Dog After Responding To Call (Photos)

A Florida sheriff’s deputy found a new friend in a wandering pit bull after responding to a call from worried neighbors who spotted the animal roaming around the streets.

In photos posted to Facebook by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, the smiling pit bull looks excited to have made a new friend.

“This morning, deputies responded to an animal call in South District,” read the Facebook post. “A large pit bull was running around and neighbors were worried. Upon arrival, the deputy discovered that this wonderful dog was just out looking for friends to play with. After sufficient play time and fun, deputies were able reunite the dog with his owners. A gate was accidentally left open and this beautiful dog was able to be taken back to his loving home.”

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The photos quickly went viral, and the post was shared almost 3,000 times and garnered more than 37,000 likes. Facebook users commented and shared their own similar experiences while praising the officers for treating the dog with kindness.

“Similar story, got a call in reference to a pit bull running loose,” recalled Facebook user Ray Mcphatter. “Got it came running to my patrol unit and put her paws inside my window. I rubbed her on the head and got a lot of slobber. Popped my trunk and got out to get my rope I keep for calls like this. Got my rope looked around and she was gone. Went to get back in the car and yep she was sitting in the driver’s seat. I put the rope on her and she walked me to her house.”

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As the Lee County Sheriff’s Office noted in their post, the dog was returned to his owners.

Sources: Life With Dogs, Lee County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page

Photo Source: Life With Dogs via Lee County Sheriff's Office


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