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Florida Officer Allegedly Breaks 14-Year-Olds Arm After Refusing to Give Up Her Phone

A Florida police officer allegedly broke the arm of a 14-year-old girl after she refused to give up her phone as evidence to the officer.

Officer Jared Nash reportedly suspected that the student had video of a recent fight that occurred on the John I. Leonard High School campus in Palm Beach County. Although the officer did not have a search warrant to confiscate the phone, according to New Times, he asked for the student to hand it over anyway. 

At the time of the incident the student was on the phone with her mother. Officer Nash tried to speak with the girl, but she refused his request and continued to ignore him.

"I told her to put the phone down, but she continued to talk on it," Nash writes in the report.

The incident escalated quickly, as the girl began to back away as Officer Nash followed closely. According to the police report filled out by Nash, the girl raised her left hand to his midsection in an alleged attempt to push him away.

"When she did this I took a hold of her left arm," he writes. "She then began to twist and pull her arm around in an increased physical level trying to pull away," Nash claims. "I then tried placing her left hand behind her back to secure her in handcuffs due to her pushing me, her increasing attempts to break away from my grasp, and continuing to try hand the phone to her friend despite my orders not to."

After being taken into custody, the girl complained of arm pains. When she was examined and x-rayed, it was found that her arm was broken. The broken arm was reportedly left out of Officer Nash’s report.

The student’s father took the photos of the x-ray and gave them to the Davy V. Blog, a blog, which is dedicated to fight against alleged police brutality.

"I want him fired," the father tells Davy V.

Lt. Brady Meyers of the internal affairs department said that there is an ongoing investigation into the actions of Officer Nash regarding the force used on the 14-year-old girl. He did not comment on the incident, but when asked if Nash broke the girls arm, Meyers reportedly replied, “You saw the pictures on the Internet didn’t you?”

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(via Davy V. Blog)


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