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Florida Nursing Center Resident Finds Snake In His Underwear

A resident of a Florida nursing center awoke to an alarming sight when he went to the bathroom in the middle of the night and found an unexpected visitor hiding in his clothes, WFTV reported. Workers at the Titusville Rehab and Nursing Center in Titusville, Florida, said when the resident went to the bathroom he discovered a live snake in his underpants. 

“(It was) in his underwear. I was like, a snake? A real snake,” said certified nursing assistant Veronica Mitchner.

Workers are now accusing supervisors at the 157-bed facility of trying to cover up the incident, WFTV reported. According to Mitchner, supervisors instructed nurses not to report what happened.

Mitchner said when a supervisor told staff not to do an incident report, her response not to act is what prompted employees to make an anonymous phone call to police, WFTV reported. 

“A live snake, a little baby live snake,” the caller told dispatch, including alleging that management was attempting to hide what happened.

“They don’t want it to be known. They don’t want the Health Department to be called. They don’t want anything to be done.”

Other staff members said administrators tried to further cover up the incident by telling employees not to talk with the media, WFTV reported.

According to a police report, the director of nursing at the center said the snake got into the resident’s clothes from a blanket. She explained the blanket had been exposed because the laundry facility is outside. The director claimed she would call pest control, according to the police report.

The snake may not have been that big of a shock to staff after all. Mitchner said in the two years she has been working at the nursing center, she has seen the reptiles many times. 

Fortunately, the resident who discovered the baby snake in his underpants was not bitten or injured by the creature, authorities said. The resident told police he would like to keep the snake as a pet. 

Police identified the snake as a nonpoisonous, according to World Wide Weird News. A statement from the facility included that the grounds had been inspected and the pest control company found no evidence of snakes.

Source: WFTV, World Wide Weird News / Photo credit: WFTV


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