Florida Newspaper 'Sun Sentinel' Reports On Law Enforcement Entrapment Practice Of Luring And Arresting Drug Middlemen


Florida police officers are going to extreme lengths to bust drug dealers.

According to Broward County, Florida’s Sun Sentinel , the narcotics unit of the law enforcement agency of Sunrise, Fla. has been luring prospective drug “middle-men” from around the country and the world in order to arrest them for participating in illegal activities that the police officers themselves initiate, such as the sale and purchase of cocaine. 

The narcotics division has allegedly been using online communications to lure prospective middle-men to Sunrise, setting up negotiations for large amounts of cocaine in public restaurants such as McDonald’s or TGI Fridays before arresting the individuals that had been lured there. 

According to the article, “only seven of the 190 arrests from these operations since 2009 were of people who lived in Sunrise. All the rest were lured into the city from elsewhere by this operation.” Despite being considered as an extension of Miami’s metropolitan area, Sunrise is an unassuming location for large-scale drug busts to regularly take place, especially considering the population is a relatively small 88,843.

The Sun Sentinal’s article suggests that Sunrise authorities have not been making these arrests in order to have any significant on the drug trafficking community. “Of all the busts in the operation, only two received the mandatory-minimum 15-year sentence for actual cocaine trafficking. Despite police claims, they do not appear to be snagging big drug war players, and the juries are realizing it,” the article claimed. Instead, Sunrise authorities are racking up massive amounts of overtime, which leads to a drastic pay increase. 

“Most of the detectives in the narcotics unit are pulling in annual overtime payments in the five figures. One sergeant has pulled in $240,000 in overtime in three-and-a-half years. His total compensation during this time frame was $630,000,” the article claims. 

The rest of the article contains interesting, specific details about the entrapment practice and it’s definitely worth a read. The headline for the article is simple, and explains the unfortunate truth of the authorities’ actions: “How Sunrise police make millions selling drugs.” Be sure to read the publication’s follow-up article, in which it details how it carried out the investigations.


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