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Florida Moviegoer Chad Oulson Shot Over Text Message

The movie theater rule about not texting during the film may be for your own safety. A Florida man was shot and killed by another moviegoer when he sent a text message during the movie, sparking a fatal dispute. 

Chad Oulson, 43, and his wife were at a showing of “Lone Survivor” in Wesley Chapel, Florida, when Oulson sent a text message to his three-year-old daughter, CNN reported. Another man in the theater, Curtis Reeves, a 71-year-old retired police officer, was irritated with the texting and asked Oulson to stop.

Wittnesses reported that the men argued and Reeves left the theater, presumably to find a manager. He returned alone and “very irritated,” according to Charles Cummings, who was sitting with his son two seats away, attending the movie for his birthday.

Cummings told reporters that Oulson told Reeves he was texting his daughter and asked if he’d gone to tell on him. The men raised their voices, and at some point popcorn was thrown. Then Reeves took out his gun and shot.

The bullet entered Oulson’s wife’s hand, which she raised when she saw Reeves pull out the handgun, and struck Oulson. He staggered and fell on the Cummings.

"Their voices start going up, there seems to be a confrontation, somebody throws popcorn, then bang, he was shot," Cummings told My Fox Tampa. "I heard the victim say, 'I can't believe...,' then he fell on us."

"I can't believe people would bring a pistol to a movie,” said Cummings.

“There were a lot of heroes in that movie theater today,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco told ABC. Two off-duty nurses performed CPR on Oulson before the paramedics came, while an off-duty deputy subdued Reeves so he could not fire any more shots.

The victim's wife was treated for her injury. Reeves was charged with second degree homicide, according to authorities.

Police Report by Opposing Views Alex

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