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Florida Mother Arrested For Holding Knife, Chasing 11-Year-Old Boy Who Argued With Her Daughter

A Florida woman was arrested on July 22 after being seen chasing a young boy around a parking lot with a knife. Baco Raton police identified the 27-year-old woman as Shakella Quinn, whom they arrested July 22 after her daughter got into an argument on the playground, police said. 

The incident began when Quinn’s daughter complained to her mother about a disagreement she was having with the fifth-grade boy at the playground, an arrest report said. After Quinn heard the news of the argument between her daughter, whose age was not been released, and 11-year-old, she ran after the young boy with a knife, Sun Sentinel reported. 

A group of boys who witnessed the chase told police the mother came out of her apartment holding her knife in her hand and started after the boy. 

A crowd of about 50 soon gathered to witness the event, police said. Eventually, another adult intervened and told Quinn to stop, according to Sun Sentinel. The adult who stepped in told police she instructed the boy to go inside and told Quinn she was calling 911.

Quinn denied threatening the boy with a knife and told authorities instead, she went outside to yell at the boy for fighting with her daughter.

The boy did not cooperate with officials and refused to talk to police, according to World Wide Weird News.

When officers arrived and attempted to handcuff the mother, she reportedly began kicking and screaming. Quinn also apparently refused to go to jail. 

Boca Raton police arrested her and she was charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of an officer without violence. She is being held at Palm Beach County Jail with bail set at $25,000.

Source: World Wide Weird News, Sun Sentinel / Photo credit:  Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office via World Wide Weird News


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