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Florida Mother Abandons Baby Outside Of Unknown Residence

A Florida mother is headed to jail after she was caught abandoning her one year old child in the yard of a home she believed the child’s father was staying at.

The woman is identified as Erin Carnes.

Last week, Carnes dropped her child off next to a mailbox at a residence she suspected the father was staying at. As if leaving the baby alone wasn’t bad enough, Carnes returned to the home some time later and found the child still outside. Rather than picking up the child or knocking on the house’s door, she opted to drop off a few bags with the child and abandon it again.

The person staying at the residence says she neither agreed to take the child nor was ever given the child by Carnes. She discovered the baby after looking out her window and seeing it crawling around on the side of the street.

A short time after abandoning her child, Carnes was involved in an accident on a nearby bridge. When police arrived at the scene of the accident, she threatened to jump off the bridge.

It was only after being taken into custody by the police did authorities learn about the incident involving Carnes’ child. Carnes was taken to a local hospital and treated for wounds from the car accident before being checked into Manatee County jail.

The child’s grandmother is now caring for the baby. Carnes, meanwhile, has been charged with child abandonment.

Sources: ABC Actions News, My Sun Coast


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