'She's Afraid To Go To School': Mom Files Police Report On Daughter's Bullies

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A Florida mom, who says her freshman daughter’s high school has been slow to deal with a group of alleged bullies who are targeting her daughter, has taken matters into her own hands. 

Heather Lawson spoke recently to WJXT News and said her daughter has been bullied at Creekside High School in St. Johns County for about a month and the school hasn’t done enough to stop it. 

"It initially started with something that I thought was petty and tried to disregard it but it continued to escalate," Lawson said. “And then it just escalated into texts, threats, and we made the school aware but they didn't take too much heed into it until my daughter got assaulted.”

Lawson’s daughter, Alexis, told WJXT on Monday what happened. 

“The biggest thing happened on Thursday when a girl I didn't even know came up behind me and yanked my hair and pulled me backwards and scratched up my forehead while I was sitting at lunch,” she said. “I just sat there and she walked away but she said as she yanked my hair back, ‘If you ever mess with my effing friends again I will cut you.’”

WJXT reportedly spoke to other students at the school, who were not named, but said they witnessed the assault. One student said Alexis Lawson has been targeted by a group of four or five girls for about a month. WJXT also published a photo of a bruise on Alexis Lawson’s forehead, said to have been sustained during last week’s  assault. 

Heather Lawson also reportedly began getting text messages from the girls. 

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She said the escalation in the violence is a concern because Creekside is the same school where police recently found a loaded revolver in a student’s car. 

WTLV News reported last week that police had arrested 18-year-old Creekside senior Griffin Scott Hudgins on Thursday for possession of a firearm on school property. 

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office said the arrest came after a police K-9 alerted officers to Hudgins’ Ford Explorer during a parking lot check. Police said a search of the vehicle turned up a .38 caliber revolver and a retractable metal baton. 

Heather Lawson said she just wants the bullying of her daughter to stop so it doesn’t escalate further. 

“She is strong, but she's afraid to go to school,” the girl’s mother said.  “What's going to happen if this continues to escalate? At what point are they going to stop this? Is it going to be when she is shot? Does something have to happen to her? Because it's clearly evident that these girls are upset and are going to continue to try to carry out something.”

Heather Lawson said she has filed a police report and is planning on retaining an attorney. 

Police said they have turned their report over to the State Attorney’s office. 

St. Johns County Schools media relations representatives said they would be unable to comment on the case until they had a chance to look at the police report. 

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Photo Credit: WJXT News, WikiCommons


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