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Florida Mom Sues School Board And Local Student After Daughter Commits Suicide

The mother of a 12-year-old girl who committed suicide in Florida last September is now suing a student who allegedly stalked her daughter, a local school board and a company that deals with construction work.

Tricia Norman filed the lawsuit against the different entities Monday in Polk County, alleging that the Polk County School Board did not supervise her daughter and the students who allegedly stalked her. She has also said that the company, Cemex Construction Materials of Florida, was negligent, according to Fox News. Norman is reportedly suing each defendant for $15,000.

Norman’s daughter, Rebecca Sedwick, jumped to her death at an abandoned concrete plant in 2013. Soon afterwards, the sheriff’s office arrested two of Rebecca’s classmates for allegedly stalking her. The office eventually dropped the charges against the students, 14-year-old Guadalupe Shaw and 13-year-old Katelyn Roman, according to the Daily Mail.

The three girls all attended Crystal Lake Middle School together, where Guadalupe and Katelyn allegedly caused Rebecca to “suffer serious mental and psychological injuries during the school year,” according to News 13.

The students would allegedly send Rebecca messages such as “go kill yourself” and would bully her over the internet incessantly, calling her ugly and other mean names.

Guadalupe, who was reportedly dating Rebecca’s ex-boyfriend, even posted Tweet after Rebecca killed herself saying that she did not care about her death.

“Yes (I know) I bullied REBECCA (and) she killed her self but IDGAF,” Guadalupe allegedly wrote.

Though police finally dropped charges against the girls because they could not find sufficient recorded evidence against them, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that Guadalupe’s tweet was one of the reasons she was arrested after the suicide.

“We decided that we can't leave her out there. Who else is she going to torment, who else is she going to harass?” Judd said at the time.

Before Rebecca jumped, she reportedly changed one of her usernames to “That Dead Girl.”

“She appeared to be beat down,” Judd said. “She appeared to have a defeatist attitude. And quite frankly, the entire investigation is exceptionally disturbing… We never said that bullying was the only reason Rebecca committed suicide. But what the bullies did, is that they continued to stack bricks on an already overloaded wagon, (until) finally it broke.”

Source: Fox News, Daily Mail


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