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Florida Mom Kathleen Carpenter Suspected of Lying About Her Son Being Bullied for Pink Headband

Florida mother Kathleen Carpenter, who at one point described herself as a pathological liar, is suspected of having made up the story that her son was the victim of homophobic slurs.

“If I saw the chance to embellish in some way, I jumped on it, retelling the same story again and again to different groups with different details,” Carpenter wrote in Nov. 2011.

After Carpenter blogged about her son’s experience at Walmart where he was allegedly accosted by a man for wearing a pink headband, Huffington Post picked up the story and published it to its website. Once it was published, the story sparked outrage in the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

However, when Carpenter failed to report the incident to police or to Walmart employees, police began to suspect her claim was a lie.

The suspicion, combined with 11,000 emails and other publicity received from the popularity of her story, eventually led Carpenter to claim she would commit suicide – a warning she posted on her blog.

Since her posting, Carpenter has been committed for a psychiatric assessment under Florida’s Baker Law.

Among other things, Carpenter has also claimed to be a flight attendant who quit days before her assigned plane crashed and claimed to miss a train just before it crashed.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Hollywood Gossip


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