Mom Arrested For Trying To Run Over Daughter's Husband (Photos)

Mom Arrested For Trying To Run Over Daughter's Husband (Photos) Promo Image

A Jupiter, Florida, mom has been arrested for allegedly attempting to run over her daughter's husband with a car, after he reportedly told his wife that the two had an affair.

Kathleen Regina Davis, 58, was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on Sept. 20 after she reportedly tried to mow down her daughter's husband, 33-year-old Michael Sciarra, with her car, WPLG reports.

Kathleen was reported to have had a sexual relationship with Michael, and was upset when the man told her daughter about their affair. Kathleen's daughter, Hannah, and Michael are in the middle of getting divorced.

Kathleen said that Michael had ruined her relationship with her daughter.

Kathleen is reported to have gone to Michael's home in Palm Beach Gardens and thrown eggs at his cars and house.

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When police arrived to the scene, they discovered Kathleen driving her Mercedes-Benz toward Michael, reportedly trying to run him over. According to police, she admitted that she was trying to run the man over and that she had wanted him to die.

The officer writing the police report saw Michael running away to avoid getting hit by the vehicle, Daily Mail reports.

Kathleen was released from Palm Beach County Jail on Sept. 22 after posting a bond of $3,000, according to the Palm Beach Post.

In May, police arrested Michael for another incident at the same address after a neighbor reported that he heard Hannah screaming.

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Police said the couple was having dinner with their two young sons when Michael became angry about a conversation in which Hannah revealed that she had been cheating on him with another man.

Hannah said that Michael hit her during the confrontation. Police reported that both Michael and Hannah smelled like alcohol, and Hannah had a swollen eye. The home was reported to be littered with items thrown around, as well as broken glass.

Police arrested Michael for domestic battery over the incident. He admitted that he and his wife did get into a verbal fight, but said that he had not hit her.

In another story in 2014, a U.K. man was sentenced to 10 years after he attacked his daughter-in-law and nearly blinded her, over an affair that she reportedly never had, according to Her.ie.

Manjit Mirgind of Essex stabbed his daughter-in-law, Jageer Mirgind, 29, after he believed that she was cheating on his son.

"When Manjit Mirgind launched this attack he was acting in the misguided name of 'honor,' spurred on by a false belief that his daughter-in-law was having an affair with a man of another faith," said Det. Inspector John Delaney. Manjit, who is a Sikh, reportedly believed that Jageer was committing adultery with a Muslim man.

"The victim sustained an unprovoked, frenzied attack by a trusted family member in her own home which has resulted in her sustaining life changing injuries," Delaney added. "She has shown tremendous courage and resilience in dealing with this incident which has not only affected her but two extended families within her community."

Jageer suffered multiple injuries in the attack; she was partially blinded in one eye and lost use of her left wrist and also suffered damage to her neck. Delaney added that the psychological effects of the attack "will remain long after her wounds have healed."

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