LA Fitness Revokes Mom's Membership For Working Out With Her Son (Video)


A Florida mom thought it would be good to bring her 13-year-old son to the gym and exercise with him, but unbeknownst to her, the gym thought otherwise.

Krista Grubb, who herself is a personal trainer, says that she was looking forward to spending the quality time with her son Mason Halye while helping him learn the correct way to do certain exercises.

"I was really excited to have him come in and lift and see the changes in his body that I saw in mine," said Grubb to Fox 13. "Through lifting weights and just working out, I gained a lot of confidence.”

Halye agrees and also said he was looking forward to the personal time he could spend with his mom.

"It was a good bonding time for me and my mom," said Halye.

During their workout, however, Grubb claims that she was questioned by an LA Fitness employee.

"One of the trainers approached me asked what I was doing,” Grubb explained. “I told her I was working out with my son.”

Grubb didn’t think anything of it, however, and went on with her workout. The next day, she returned to the gym ready to exercise, but she was informed that the gym had revoked her membership.

"He said, ‘The notes say you were training people here, and we have trainers that customers pay for,’" claimed Grubb

Both Halye and Grubb say that they are outraged at the gym’s irrational decision to revoke the membership, and the 13-year-old comes to his mother’s defense.

"We were just working out and she came and she helped me with my form, and that's all," said Halye. “I think it’s pretty ridiculous that they would take her membership away.”

Grubb agrees, maintaining that even though she is a personal trainer, she was simply trying to help her son learn the correct way to do certain exercises so that he could better do them on his own.

"It being my son and we're working out together,” said Grubb, “I just, it's insane, like it’s just, it’s insane.”

Grubb says that she recently paid her membership in full and has yet to receive a refund from LA Fitness. So far, the gym has yet to comment on the issue.


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