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Florida Mom Brittany Arnett Charged with Killing Infant Son

Brittany Arnett was the subject of a national outcry last week when it was discovered that she shook her six-month-old baby to death because he wouldn’t stop crying. Her most recent actions have sparked more harsh criticism and outrage.

What did she do? Well, just days after she was arrested in relation to her baby’s death, the 21-year-old took to Facebook and asked for donations to pay for the funeral

Arnett’s Facebook post read, “He is the reason I wake up every morning. And now that God took him to be with him my heart is broken and empty. I will never be the same,” according to Mail Online.

This post goes on to ask for money. It is believed that quite a few of Arnett’s friends initially responded to her plea for financial help.

Hadley’s autopsy indicated that he died from a separated spine, brain hemorrhaging, broken ribs, and lacerations in his mouth. Arnett ultimately admitted to causing some of the damage, telling authorities that her frustration towards being left alone with the infant caused her to slam the baby’s face into a tray, as well as to swing and grab him forcefully causing his head to move without support.

It remains to be seen if Hadley will have to serve any time in prison for her callousness.

(Daily Mail)


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