A Florida mother was charged with battery after getting into a fight with her daughter’s middle school classmate.

Irisdaly Rios, 35, was arrested Wednesday after a scuffle with 12-year-old Ashley Perez at Hialeah Middle School.

Rios approached the girl in the school parking lot on Wednesday.

Perez told NBC Miami that she expected Rios to offer some advice about the ongoing tensions between her and her daughter.

“That's why I walked to the car, because usually, if it was another mother, she'll be like, 'Oh, what's happening to my daughter. Let's fix this up,'" Perez said. “She got aggressive, and I think she felt her daughter was in danger.”

Rios allegedly flew into a rage, leaving Perez with a chipped tooth and scratches on her neck.

She later defended attacking the girl.

"This girl bullies my daughter every day," Rios told NBC.

Perez also left Rios with scratches on her arm and neck.

Police said Rios should have spoken to school officials or police about the bullying allegations.

"Everybody loses here,” said Hialeah Police spokesman Carl Zogby.

Sources: New York Daily News, NBC Miami


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