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Florida Man's Profanity-Laced Outburst Towards Judge Earns Him Year In Jail (Video)

Florida resident Christopher Colon, 27, will spend the next year in jail after he went on a profanity-laced rant aimed directly at Judge John Hurley.

Colon was initially arrested for violating two restraining orders filed against him by his ex-girlfriend. Colon and Judge Hurley spoke on Thursday morning via video feed as Colon was held in jail. When Judge Hurley told Colon he would not be granted an immediate release from prison, Colon snapped.

He started by laughing and telling Hurley he would file a lawsuit. Then, the choice words came. He said “f--- you” countless times, told Hurley “suck my d---” repeatedly, and called the judge a “p---- ass cracker” all within just a few minutes.

Here’s video footage from the tirade, couresy of the Sun-Sentinel:

Warning: Graphic Language

Judge Hurley sentenced Colon to 364 days in county jail for his outburst. When Hurley told Colon his punishment for being in contempt of court, Colon laughed and said, “You f------ crackers still gotta feed me man. And give me a motherf------ bed.”

Sources: Sun-Sentinel


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