Florida Man Who Lost His Arms Trying To Make Fireworks Won't Be Charged

Justin McHenry, 31, of Cape Coral, Florida, won’t face charges despite causing an explosion while trying to make fireworks in his kitchen.

In May, authorities found McHenry outside his condo with severe injuries — both of his arms were missing below the elbow. The apartment was in shambles too — the doors were broken off and windows were shattered in the blast.

Detectives initially sought to charge McHenry with first-degree felony charge of making, possessing or discharging a destructive device or attempting to do so, but the State Attorney’s Office denied the application to pursue charges. 

“We understand and respect the state’s decision not to pursue charges in this case,” said Detective Sgt. Dana Coston. “No one should ever attempt to make, modify or disassemble their own fireworks. Fireworks are designed to burn at incredibly hot temperatures and some are designed to explode.”

State attorney spokeswoman Samantha Syoen told the News-Press she didn’t believe McHenry was acting with criminal intent.

McHenry was trying to make fireworks using a coffee grinder. When it exploded, police said the grinder turned into a grenade that shot shrapnel everywhere. 

Sources: WINK, NY Daily News

Image: Screenshot via NY Daily News


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