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Florida Man Wanted To Buy Cellphone On Craigslist Fatally Shoots One Of Two Men Who Posed As Sellers

A Florida man who wanted to purchase a cellphone through a transaction on Craigslist fatally shot one of two men who posed as sellers and tried to rob him Wednesday, police said.

Coral Springs police said the buyer, Dermaine Spencer, met the pair around midnight in the 2800 block of Riverside Drive, said Lt. Brad McKeone, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

Spencer was held at gunpoint with a starter pistol, which shoots blanks and often used to start races. He reached through the open window of his truck, grabbed his firearm and shot and killed the would-be robber, police said.

Duwayne Lewis, 18, of Coral Springs, was charged with murder for the death of his alleged accomplice, Jason Mathew Mageau. Under Florida’s felony murder law, a person who assists in a crime that leads to a death may be charged in the death.

Mageau was rushed to Broward Health North and later died, police said.

Lewis and Mageau tried to rob Spencer by pretending to sell a Samsung Galaxy cellphone, McKeone said.

Spencer, of North Lauderdale, feared for his life when he opened fire and was justified in shooting Mageau, according to a Coral Springs police arrest reports.

"I never intended for any of this to happen," said Spencer, a 30-year-old maintenance man.

Police said Spencer will not be charged since he was acting in self-defense, according to NBC Miami.


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