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Florida Man Tries To Carjack Woman, Quickly Regrets His Decision

A Florida woman caught a would-be carjacker off guard on Aug. 23 when she turned the tables and escaped the attack.

Employees of Palace Pizza in Highland City, Florida, noticed a suspicious-looking man lurking outside the restaurant. 

A woman was outside in her car, waiting for her order to be ready, when the suspicious man reportedly approached the car, tapped on her window and pointed a gun at her.

Luckily, the car door was locked. The woman thought quickly and came up with a plan to stop him from hurting her.

"She throws it in reverse," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. "She backs up, starts blowing her horn and actually flips him over the car, hits him with the car, and he takes off running. She did beautifully."

The 911 calls started coming in from neighbors who witnessed the attempted carjacking and watched the man running nervously from yard to yard.

A K-9 tracked the suspect to a shed less than a mile away. When the man didn't come out of the shed, they sent the dog in and took him into custody.

The man had two firearms on him -- which turned out to be BB guns.

The 17-year-old suspect is connected to another carjacking in the same shopping center on Aug. 21.

"We have stopped what would have been a troubling trend of events," Judd said.

Police believe the suspect might not have been working alone and are searching for his partners in crime.

Judd will ask state attorneys to prosecute the suspect as an adult.

Sources: My Fox Tampa Bay, ABC Action News / Photo credit: My Fox Tampa Bay


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