Florida Man Timothy Hunter Allegedly Stages Home Invasion, Attacks Wife for Cheating on Him

If you suspect your wife is cheating, you could just confront her with your allegations. Or, you could set up an elaborate invasion of your own home by a masked man (who is really you), assault your wife and weirdly demand some cash just to really sell it.

29-year-old Timothy Hunter of Deltona, Florida, chose the latter option rather than the former, and is now facing charges of aggravated battery and tampering with evidence.

While Hunter was supposedly at the store, the wife told police that an intruder burst into the bedroom, pushed her off the bed, slashed her and demanded money before fleeing.

After questioning Mr. Hunter, officials noticed several inconsistencies with his story. In the face of further questioning by officers, Hunter admitted he was the one who attacked his wife. He told police he was angry because he believed his wife had cheated on him and that even though he initially just wanted to scare her, he lost control of himself as rage consumed him.

“There were no shadowy figures in the yard. The man behind the mask who cut up his wife was Hunter himself,” Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Gary Davidson said in a prepared statement.

Sources: HuffingtonPost, KMBC.com


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