Florida Man Threatens to Throw Hand Grenade into Neighbor's Condo


After repeatedly ignoring his neighbor’s requests that he turn down the music at his Harbour Beach condo, Timothy Lee Barre allegedly threatened the neighbor with a hand grenade.

The incident occurred on Friday night in Orange County, Fla., just south of Lake Fredrica along State Road 436.

When the neighbor asked Barre, 25, to turn down the music, Barre reportedly threatened to throw the grenade into the victim’s apartment.

When investigators arrived, they found Barre intoxicated in his home with the hand grenade.

At the time, investigators could not determine whether the grenade was live or not.

An evacuation was ordered, and the Hazardous Device Team recovered the device. Police found that the bottom of the grenade was hollowed out, but were unable to determine whether it was still active.

As Lt. Paul Hopkins of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office explained, “Though the grenade could not explode, it still had a possible live fuse inside, which was a danger.”

The Hazardous Device Team will destroy the grenade.

No one was injured at the scene.

Barre is being charged with making a bomb threat and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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