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Florida Man Tasered In Eyeball Outside One Eyed Jack’s Sports Bar

Florida police Tasered a man in the eyeball in an attempt to disarm him during a robbery in Orlando.

When police confronted Travis James Rodriguez, 22, outside of One Eyed Jack’s sports bar on Dec. 8, he was holding a Glock pistol.

“Rodriguez had removed the gun from his waistband and was holding it up at chest level, parallel to his body,” the police report said.

When he failed to drop the weapon, Officer Jason Portilla used a stun gun to disarm him.

A prong of the Taser, which delivers 50,000 volts, hit Rodriguez in his right eyeball and discharged a five-second shocking, Orlando police said.

"As a result of Rodriguez turning his body…one of the Taser prongs struck Rodriguez in the right eye,” Portilla wrote in his report. “The other Taser prong struck …his left side."

Rodriquez, who was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, was later charged with carrying a concealed firearm and resisting arrest, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

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