Florida Man Suffers Injuries While Attempting to Shoot Squirrel With Bullet Taped to BB Gun


A Florida man attempting to shoot a squirrel for dinner by taping a .40-caliber cartridge to a BB gun was instead hospitalized after the cartridge exploded, according to Gainesville police.

William Daniel Lloyd, 31, was taken to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries, which, according to a report of the incident by the Gainesville Sun, included injuries to Lloyd’s upper arm and lower leg. The injuries occurred after Lloyd fired the BB gun, causing the BB to strike the cartridge’s primer.

The cartridge discharged, striking Lloyd in his arm and leg.

“Lloyd stated he knew he had been hit, but did not know how badly,” an officer wrote in the report.

Although relatives stated Lloyd has since been released from the hospital and has resumed work, the Florida man won’t be able to put the embarrassing incident behind him anytime soon.

A sworn complaint has been filed against Lloyd for discharging a firearm in public in addition to a charge of possession of ammunition by a convicted felon, Officer Ben Tobias stated in a press release.

Florida’s Department of Corrections website indicates Lloyd served prison time for grand theft and trafficking stolen property back in 2009. He was later released in November of 2011.

Lloyd told police he was trying to shoot a squirrel with a Pumpmaster 760 BB gun.

His girlfriend told responding officers that Lloyd mentioned he was trying to shoot a squirrel for dinner, according to officers.

Lloyd reportedly told police he knew he was not allowed to possess ammunition and that he found cartridges while “scrapping” – looking for scrap metal.

Sources: The Gainesville Sun


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