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Florida Man Isidro Zavala Strangles Young Sons in Front of Ex-Wife, Commits Suicide

A few days before they were scheduled to appear in divorce court, a Florida man strangled his two young sons and then committed suicide in front of his ex-wife.

According to The Daily Mail, Isidro Zavala, 45, went to the family home where his ex-wife Victoria Flores Zavala was living with the two boys on Saturday under the guise of a regular visit. It was there that he attacked and killed 12-year-old Eduardo and 11-year-old Mario. Mrs. Zavala was not injured.

Besides strangling Mario, Zavala also shot his youngest son several times before ultimately turning the gun on himself. Zavala told his ex-wife that he would spare her so that she could suffer the loss of her children, according to police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater. The mother begged to be killed instead of the boys and tried to prevent her-ex-husband from carrying out the terrible deed, but she was unable to do so and instead had to listen to his chilling words. “He told her she was going to stay alive and suffer the loss of them,” Slater said.

The Zavalas also have a 19-year-old son who was not living at the house at the time. Police found a note that Zavala had written to the older boy in a bag that was recovered at the crime scene. In the note, Zavala told the young man that he was a good son and to take care of himself. It is unclear if Zavala had anything else planned as the bag also contained a second gun, extra ammunition, duct tape and cutting shears.

Zavala also wrote a second note that was recovered at his home but police have not revealed its contents. Zavala’s roommate, Mariano Battalla, said that the second note was addressed to him and that Zavala left him several hundred dollars and instructions to keep his truck and work tools. “I feel so, so, so sad because he's my best friend,” Batalla said. “It's a big surprise for me. He don't tell me nothing about this.”

Source: (The Daily Mail)


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