Florida Man Shoots Pregnant Wife, One Twin Survives

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A man in Orlando, Florida shot and killed his wife, who was eight months pregnant with twin boys. One of the twins managed to survive the assault, but is clinging to life in an intensive care unit.

Michael Boyce, 33, shot wife Alexis Boyce, 23, one time in the head. The incident occurred in the home they shared with Alexis’ parents.

At first, Boyce tried to tell police officers that his wife had shot herself in a suicide attempt. He claimed that she was depressed, and did not want to give birth to twins.

However, the evidence showed to the contrary, indicating that Alexis had in fact been murdered. When pressed, Boyce admitted to committing the crime, but claimed that he shot her by accident.

"They were living with her parents, and unfortunately she was a victim of homicide," said Sgt. Mike Ruggiero.

Boyce was arrested and transported to the Orange County Jail, where he faces charges of first-degree murder. However, he may also be charged with the killing of his unborn son.

Police were alerted to the scene when Alexis’ father dialed 911 after hearing the gunshot ring throughout the home. When authorities arrived, Boyce was holding a gun, standing next to his slain wife.

Boyce was formerly a military police officer, and worked as a security guard at the time of the murder. Alexis was in the Navy, but had moved back home upon learning of the pregnancy.

The surviving baby boy is now at Winnie Palmer Hospital for Women & Babies.

A similar incident occurred in Tampa, Fla. in early October. Jamar Anjuan Silas, 22, shot his pregnant girlfriend, 22-year-old Brianna L. Anderson in the head. After a car chase, police officers caught the shooter and took him into custody.

Brianna was taken to the hospital, but soon died. Her baby, however, survived after a C-section delivery.

Sources: WFTV, WCTV


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