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Florida Man Shocked When He Found His Home Trashed By Two Felons During Five-Day Party

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A Florida man got an unfortunate surprise when he found two felons had trashed his home during a five-day party celebrating their release from jail.

According to reports, Kit Thompson immediately called authorities after he discovered Keilow Roundtree, 23, and Jaquel Fleming, 18, lying in his bed after a raucous party that caused around $3,800 in damages to his home.

The two were detained and charged with burglary. However, Thompson believes there were others who were also celebrating Fleming's recent release from prison by smoking cannabis at the jamboree.

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Thompson had been staying at his mother's house for a number of days, trying to recover from back pain before coming home on Nov. 4.

“I am amazed on how much damage is done in this one room,” Thompson told ABC Action News. “I think there was definitely more than four or five people at a time here.”

Fleming was newly free from county jail after an April arrest for burglary, grand theft, and drug charges. Roundtree and Fleming claim the party was to celebrate his release.

According to law enforcement, the duo initially resisted arrest, but were apprehended while trying to escape out the bedroom window after a police dog was unleashed into the house.

Upon his return to the home, Thompson was stunned to find purple paint on the walls and carpet. A hammer had been used to punch holes in the wall, and three air conditioning units disappeared from the home.

Fleming and Roundtree have been detained in county jail and have been charged with burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief, and resisting arrest. The pair both have previous criminal records, and Roundtree was recently released from jail in May for robbery, reported Daily Mail.

Thompson is apprehensive about trying to renovate the home to its previous condition, especially with enduring back problems. “I don't even want to get in the bed," he said. "I would rather set it on fire than ever use it again."

Thompson still wonders why the neighbors didn't call the police.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC Action News / Photo credit: Fox 13 via Daily Mail


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