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Florida Man Robert Werry Scammed Out Of $100,000 Worth Of Guns

All Robert Werry, 80, wanted to do was sell his collection of rare firearms. Now, he’s involved in a federal case against the man who swindled him.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, Werry amassed a collection of rare shotguns, rifles and other firearms over the years, and found a man to buy 200 of his pieces in James Larry Wilborn, an acquaintance he met through gun shows. The two stuck a $100,000 deal, but Wilborn never actually paid Werry for the guns, which were transferred to his ownership four years ago. Instead, he gave Werry two checks—which Wilborn then told him not to cash—and a locked briefcase allegedly containing $300,000. Wilborn promised Werry a third of that cash in due time.

Werry naturally grew impatient and had the briefcase broken into, and it contained none of the cash Wilborn claimed was in there. He then tried to cash the two checks, and both bounced. Soon enough, he spotted one of his guns in a pawn shop, and contacted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The ATF investigation found Wilborn illegally sold many of Werry's collectible firearms to a DeLand gun and pawn shop. Agents learned Wilborn had asked the store owner to sell more than 100 guns on consignment, and 98 of the firearms Wilborn brought to the pawnshop were sold. Roughly 70 more were advertised for sale.

Werry sued Wilborn in Orange County and was awarded $103,835. But Wilborn has yet to pay up, the criminal complaint said.

Source: The Orlando Sentinel


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