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Florida Man Robs Radio Shack He Works At, Flees, Then Returns for Shift

Former Radio Shack employee Andre Trevor Puskas was arrested on Wednesday after he tried to rob a store where he worked.

The 20-year-old entered the Clearwater store with a ski mask and used pepper spray on an employee. He also attempted to use a stun gun, but ended up shooting himself in the hand.

During the attempted robbery, the employee recalled that Puskas never said a word, as if he didn’t want her to hear his voice. She also noticed his unusual physical description: 6 feet 2 inches tall and 280 pounds.

Later that day, Puskas returned to the store to begin his shift.

Puskas later admitted to the botched robbery, claiming he needed money to pay his phone bill and car insurance. The stun gun and pepper spray were found in his car upon investigation.

Puskas is currently in the Pinellas County Jail on a count of attempted robbery with a $150,000 bail.

Sources: Bay News 9, St. Pete Tribune


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