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Florida Man Rips 'Girly' Headband From 2-Year-Old Boy in Walmart After Using Anti-Gay Epithet

A Davenport, Fla., mom says she brought her 2-year-old son to Walmart wearing a pink headband only for another shopper to taunt the child and tear the headband away.

Katie Vyktoriah Carpenter, 31, wrote about her experience on her Facebook page as well as in a blog entry that appeared Friday on the Huffington Post.

Carpenter, writing as Katie Vyktoriah, said that her son Dexter was wearing her own lace flower headband when she went to Walmart. Dexter, however, did not want to go or remove the headband, so she allowed him to keep it on to pacify him.

The headband, which Vyktoriah described as “cute” and “girly,”  seemed to keep the boy in a good mood, even in the store, she said.

Shortly, however, a pair of teenage girls saw Dexter and began laughing, asking, “ Is that a boy or a girl?” Vyktoriah said that she cheerfully replied that Dexter was indeed a boy. What took place moments later is what prompted Vyktoriah to go public with her story.

According to her account, related to Huffington Post both in her blog post and in a video interview with the online HuffPost Live broadcast, a large man with a bushy beard and a sleeveless camouflage T-shirt approached her and her son, bellowing, “That’s a boy?”

Vyktoriah said the man smelled of alcoholic beverages and cigarette smoke.

The burly stranger proceeded to forcibly pull the headband off Dexter and then lightly slapped the 2-year-old boy on the side of his head, while declaring, “You’ll thank me later, little man.”

When both Dexter and his mother reacted with anger, the stranger became hostile, Vyktoriah wrote.

“Your son is a f---ing fa--ot!” he told Vyktoriah, adding, “He’ll get shot for it one day.”

Vyktoriah said that though other shoppers witnessed the incident, no one raised any objections.

Sources: Huffington Post,HuffPost Live (Video), Katie Vyktoriah Carpenter Facebook Page


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