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91-Year-Old Man Accused Of Pulling Gun On Landscaper Over Grass Clippings

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A 91-year-old man in Florida was arrested after he allegedly pulled a gun on landscapers who sprayed grass clippings on his car.

On Sept. 17, Avon Park, Florida, resident Max Horton noticed that landscaper Robert Hendrix had accidentally sprayed grass clippings on his car, WTSP reported. Horton confronted Hendrix, and the confrontation quickly turned violent when Horton pulled a gun and forced Hendrix to his knees.

Horton then reportedly told Hendrix that he was going to kill him.

Another landscaper, Johnny Barnes, intervened — prompting Horton to shoot at Hendrix before turning towards Barnes. Hendrix then got off his knees and tackled Horton, disarming him and holding him until police arrived.

Horton suffered a black eye from the incident and was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

The elderly man reportedly had a history of violent behavior, including a 2013 incident in which he threatened to shoot staff at Florida Hospital, according to the Daily Mail. Neighbors said Horton has been known to "flip out” and “get angry for no reason.”

Horton was charged with attempted first-degree murder in the incident involving Hendrix. He is being held without bond at the Highlands County Jail. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WTSP

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