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Florida Man Paints House To Look Like American Flag After Receiving Citation

A Florida man painted his Bradenton home to look like an American flag after he received a citation from the city for mold, mildew and need of paint.

Brent Greer said he is being hounded by Bradenton City Code Enforcement and it is not their business to tell him what his home should look like.

"We decided to paint it because the City hit me with an ordinance that it wasn't up to someone else's cosmetic standards," said Brent Greer.

He says he plans to paint the liberty bell on the second floor.

"It's to remind the city and all those who live here that this is America," Greer told WFTV. "This is a free country. This is my home. This is not a shrine to Riverview Boulevard."

He claims it all started when he left a Christmas tree on his porch. The family-of-nine got rid of the tree, but said they were then cited for a whole list of infractions.

"I'm not interfering with anyone," he said. "This is my God-given, reinforced, constitutional right to live this way. When you threaten me with $250 a day fines in a free country, that angers me.

"That flag is to remind them it can look anyway I want it to look," said Greer.

The city says it is pleased with the new paint job.

"That's fine, it's a good start to paint the house," City Code Enforcement manager Volker Reiss told WTSP.

Greer has a scheduled hearing with the code enforcement board later this month.

Sources: WTSP, WFTV


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