Florida Man Nelson Carrizo Had Sex with 16-Year-Old Girl He Met On VampireFreaks Website


Former Miami security guard Nelson Carrizo was convicted of multiple child pornography charges five months ago. Now the 30-year-old has been accused of having sex with a teenage girl he met on a vampire website.

Carrizo pleaded guilty in October to 10 counts of possession of images showing sexual performance by a child. For some reason the court gave him a reprieve on his sentence, though. Before he had to begin serving his time, Carrizo was able to lure an underage girl to his Surfside apartment for two sexual encounters. He met the girl on the site VampireFreaks.

According to the Daily Mail, Carrizo joined the social networking site in February. He went under the name of Sylence and listed his occupation as sinner. Carrizo’s profile picture on the site shows him wearing a mask similar to the one famously worn by the fictional cannibal character Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the film Silence of the Lambs.

Carrizo is now awaiting trial on two new charges of unlawful sex with a minor. The two new charges have the potential to add a lot of jail time onto his sentence. Prosecutors are asking a judge to increase his jail time from three to 50 years.

Days before Carrizo was supposed to begin serving his original sentence, police were called to a local gym after getting reports that a 16-year-old girl was trying to slash her wrists with her own fingernails. The teen was taken to a hospital. When her parents searched their daughter’s phone, they found explicit text messages and pictures from a man. The girl revealed that her first online interaction with Carrizo took place in June 2012, and that he knew her real age.

Carrizo would often ask the teen if she was a cop or if he was being set up. To prove that she was on the level, the victim sent him nude photos of herself. In December 2012, Carrizo began begging her to come to Miami and have sex with him. She drove to his apartment and had sex with him on two occasions. On one of those visits Carrizo's mother, who lives with him, was asleep on the coach when the girl snuck in.

Source: (Daily Mail)


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