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Florida Man Lists 'Drug Dealer' As Occupation On Arrest Warrant

A West Palm Beach, Florida, man was arrested on multiple charges and listed his occupation on the arrest report as “drug dealer.”

The arrest of Robert Michael Phillips, 25, occurred after he cut in front of an unmarked sheriff’s car and nearly caused a collision in West Palm Beach on Tuesday.

The sheriff who Phillips cut off ran Phillips' vehicle, a Hyundai, and discovered the vehicle was stolen, reports The Daily Mail.

Phillips was tracked to a home nearby and the undercover officer allegedly saw him engage in a “hand-to-hand drugs transaction involving heroin.”

The undercover officer then called for back-up, which arrived in marked vehicles. Phillips fled the scene but eventually pulled into a parking lot, exited the vehicle, and ran into a Michaels art supply store, where he collided with a female customer, knocking her to the ground, and dropped a loaded handgun.

Phillips tried to escape via the store’s back door but deputies were there, waiting for him.

A search of the suspect by a police dog found 22 grams of heroin and $2,316, reports Palm Beach Post. In the vehicle, 5.3 grams of crack cocaine were found, along with a drug scale and hypodermic needles.

Phillips has a long criminal record, including seven convictions on felony counts, and previously served nine months in prison.

Phillips is facing a total of 13 criminal charges: three counts of resisting arrest with violence, two counts of possession of drug equipment, and one count each of heroin trafficking, possession of a weapon or ammunition by a career criminal, possession of cocaine with intent to sell, committing a first-degree felony with a weapon, fleeing and eluding law enforcement at a high rate of speed, striking a police animal, battery, and driving with a suspended license.

Sources: Palm Beach Post, The Daily Mail / Photo Source: Palm Beach Post


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