Florida Man Kills Roommate, Has Sex With Her Lifeless Body


Florida man Bryan Santana was arrested and charged with murder after police say he allegedly strangled and stabbed his roommate to death, then had sex with her lifeless body.

The alleged murder took place early Tuesday morning inside the home that Santana, a pizza deliveryman, shared with John Heermance and victim Shelby Fazio.

Heermance told police that he arrived home around 9 a.m. on Tuesday and noticed a trail of blood leading into Fazio’s room. The door to Fazio’s room was closed and Santana was in the bathroom washing his hands.

Quickly, Heermance ran to his room to grab his cellphone and car keys, prepared to call for help from a safe distance. However, Santana caught on and attacked him with a can of pepper spray and a knife. Heemance was able to fight off Santana and escape the house unharmed.

After Heermance escaped, Santana later told police that he left the house in Fazio’s car and headed to Walmart.

“He said he was looking for a Walmart to find a fake gun like a BB gun so he could point it at a police officer so they would shoot him,” a police report stated.

Following the attack, Santana went to a barbershop in downtown Orlando to get a haircut. He allegedly told the barber that he was in a hurry because he had a date. Before Santana could leave, police arrived at the salon and arrested the 20-year-old.

Santana later told police that he had sex with Fazio's lifeless body.

Officers who arrived at Santana’s residence discovered Fazio’s body with ligature marks around her neck and stab wounds on her body. Investigators also found a blood-spattered shirt in the garbage outside the home and a piece of drywall with writing on it that had been removed from the house.

“Not sorry for what I did,” the drywall read. “I’m sorry.”

Fazio was a Michigan native who studied biology at Grand Valley State University. She is survived by her parents and two siblings.

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Sources: DailyMail, Orlando Sentinel

Photo Source: Orange County Sheriff's Office, Facebook


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