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Florida Man Kevin Koscielniak Gets 14 Years For Killing Employer’s Dog

A Florida man was handed a 14-year prison sentence for beating his boss’ dog to death with a tire iron after they had an argument. Kevin Koscielniak, 52, pleaded no contest to six charges, including animal cruelty and armed burglary.

The owner of John's Automotive, John Olaya, noticed that his 4-year-old mastiff went missing back in April. After revealing surveillance video from his business, Olaya alerted authorities that he saw Koscielniak kill his dog in a vicious beating that lasted 10 minutes.

An investigation into the incident revealed that Koscielniak climbed over a barbed wire fence, killed the dog and then buried it nearby, The Daily Mail reported. 

Apparently Olaya had criticized Koscielniak after he found him drunk and stumbling around outside the auto shop. Olaya told his friend to leave and the next day his dog turned up missing.

During Koscielniak’s day in court, Olaya’s wife, Gloria, told he judge how their 9-year-old daughter still cries at night over the loss of her pet.

“He grew up with us, we miss him,” Gloria said in court. “He was a good dog.”

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office detective Mark LeFebvre led the investigation.

“The dog had tremendous injuries,” he said. LeFebvre also added, “This case had an overwhelming amount of evidence.”

Sources: The Daily Mail, The Sarasota Herald Tribune


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