Florida Man Impersonates CIA Agent, Calls 911 For Help With Drug Bust


A Florida man is behind bars after he called law enforcement officials claiming he was a CIA agent looking for help during a drug bust. The 18-year-old then held a family of five at gunpoint, authorities said.

Police arrested Metlz Celestin after he allegedly called the Sheriff’s Office in Lehigh Acres, Florida, claiming he was an undercover CIA agent.

Celestin called 911 at 9 a.m. on Sunday and told the dispatcher that he was at a South Florida home in order to make a drug bust, according to the police report. He said that he would apprehend the suspects, but wanted the deputies to come and make the arrest.

When deputies arrived to investigate the matter, they discovered Celestin standing near a car outside of the home. After a search of the man, they discovered he had a 9mm handgun with one round chambered, as well as a small baggie with 8 grams of marijuana in his car. He also had five bullets in a magazine in his jacket pocket.

In the house was a family of five. They informed deputies that they were packing for a trip when Celestin drove up to their home. He then identified himself as an undercover CIA operative and pulled out his handgun. He threatened to shoot the family and forced some of them to kneel.

The victims said that they feared for their lives. One of the victims even blocked his pregnant wife from Celestin and began shouting at him to disarm himself.

Deputies arrested the 18-year-old for five counts of aggravated assault with a weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, and possession of marijuana.

Source: News-Press, NY Daily News

Photo Credit: LCSO


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