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Florida Man Hutchinson Accidentally Shoots Himself After Smoking Weed

McDonald’s, marijuana, and guns. What could possibly go wrong? If you are Florida resident Charlie Hutchinson, the answer is everything.

Hutchinson and some friends had just smoked some marijuana and decided to go to McDonald’s (shocker).

Hutchinson was carrying a .38 caliber revolver in his car at the time. After eating and returning to his car, Hutchinson reached under the seat and grabbed the gun. As he went to put the gun in his waistband, he accidentally shot himself in the abdomen.

Bay County police interviewed Skye Hunter, Hutchinson’s girlfriend, who said Hutchinson fell out the door of the car after the gun went off.

Hunter also told police that she threw the gun in the woods. She reportedly believed it is illegal to own a firearm in Florida (illegal to own a gun in America? You must be high). Bay County police found the gun in the woods. A serial number check on the gun shows it was reported stolen in Indian in 2008.

While searching the car, police officers noticed a strong marijuana odor. Officers found a grinder, bong, and scale in the car.

Source: WJHG


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