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Florida Man Has Shooting Range in His Backyard, Neighbors Hate Him (Video)

Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert introduced his audience last night to Doug Varrieur, a gun advocate who drives his neighbors crazy with a shooting range in his backyard in Big Pine Key, Fla.

His neighbors describe him as "obnoxious," "inconsiderate," "crazy," "overbearing," "ignorant" and a "real kook."

"Why should I have to get shot because he won't drive twenty minutes to a gun ranch?" one neighbor told The Colbert Report, noted (video below).

Varrieur admits that his homemade shooting range is only 20 feet from a heavily-trafficked canal where parents and children canoe, but he doesn't care.

"There's nothing illegal about me shooting in my backyard," said Varrieur. "Even if there is a boat and a kid... I don't care."

Before he fires a shot, Varrieur says that his "lookouts" make sure it's clear. His lookouts are his elderly parents, who get berated by angry neighbors.

When asked about the danger by The Colbert Report, Varrieur's elderly mother said she was ready to die.

Varrieur can legally fire guns in his backyard thanks to an obscure state law from 1987 that pre-empts local ordinances.

“I honestly had hoped no one would catch wind of it and it would become public knowledge,” Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay told the Miami Herald earlier this year. “I’m concerned now that people know. This isn’t about the right to own and bear arms. My concern is public safety and quality of life.”

“It’s almost the wild, wild west again when we go back to firing wherever you want, whenever you want,” added Sheriff Ramsay.

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