Florida Man Found Smuggling Crack Cocaine In Loaf Of Bread At U.S.-Canadian Border


A Florida man facing is drug charges after police say he was found at the U.S.-Canadian border with cocaine stuffed in a hollowed-out loaf of bread.

Tyrone Dixon, 34, was arrested along with his partner, Emily Lasell, of Vermont, Tuesday for attempting to smuggle drugs across the border, but law enforcement officers apprehended them before he could make his connection, the Inquisitr reports.

A Customs and Border Protection Officer stationed at the Derby Line Port of Entry noticed Dixon’s vehicle making an illegal U-turn on Interstate 91 on Monday.

Federal agents pulled the car over and searched it on the Vermont side of the border. They reportedly found 84 grams of crack cocaine hidden in a loaf of bread, as well as heroin in the clothing of one of the passengers, according to the Associated Press via the Burlington Free Press.

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The Inquisitr notes that there has been a rise in aggressive attacks upon U.S. Border Patrol agents by Mexicans who try to cross the border into this country.

Dixon was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. He and Lasell could face up to two decades in prison and pay a large fine of $1 million if convicted.

Sources: InquisitrAP via the Burlington Free Press / Photo Credit: jeffreywAlexandria Perone/Flickr Creative Commons


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