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Florida Man Forced To Give Up Puppy After Animal Neglect Complaints On Facebook Go Viral

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Florida man Gilbert Rosalez was forced to give up his pit bull puppy after a photo posted to Facebook went viral, raising questions of abuse and neglect.

Rosalez has owned the 10-month-old puppy since she was 8 weeks old. However, he now feels pressure to give her up because of the badly timed photo, which shows the young dog locked inside her kennel.

“You can’t leave her in the screened in porch, brother,” a neighbor told Rosalez. “It gets up to 100 degrees outside.”

Other neighbors who saw the photo noted that they were concerned for the dog’s health and stated they would rescue her from Rosalez’s home. A post on Craigslist was even made claiming the dog was dead.

As allegations of neglect continued, Lee County animal control officers were forced to make a visit to Rosalez’s home. Upon inspection, no evidence of wrong-doing could be found and no citations were issued.

Animal control noted that a team has been to Rosalez’s house several times over neglect complaints, but that each visit the dog has been in good health. Rosalez himself described the dog as “hyper” and the type that “loves to play."

After two months of complaints and threats, and despite believing he has done no wrong, Rosalez said he plans on giving the dog away and moving on with his life. 

“I don’t feel like I’m doing anything wrong, but they’re showing up,” Rosalez said. “I feel like I can’t win, so I’d just rather give the dog away, avoid all these problems.”

Rosalez also reasoned that he lives on the corner of a busy intersection, which could be dangerous for the dog, and that giving her away is probably the best option.

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