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Florida Man Fernando Aguilera Tries to Trade Live Alligator for Beer

When Fernando Aguilera caught a four foot long alligator in a Miami-area park on a hot day last week, he decided to cash in on his good fortune.

He carried the large, scaly reptile into the Santa Ana Market in his arms and offered to trade it for a cold 12-pack, the Sun-Sentinel reports.

The owner of the store was afraid the gator would get loose and bite someone and wanted it out of his store. However, Aguilera put it on a counter and seemingly had no intention of taking “no” for an answer.

A clerk in the store called the police and they, in turn, contacted the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, which sent out officers who convinced Aguilera to relinquish the animal.

The alligator was taken back to its habitat and released. It was unharmed in the incident. Aguilera did not get his beer. Instead he received three citations for illegally catching and attempting to sell the alligator. The charges are second-degree misdemeanors, each carrying a maximum penalty of six months in jail and a $500 fine.

Source: Sun Sentinel


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