Florida Police Nab Robber Who Fell Asleep On The Job


Police arrested a Florida man for felony burglary of an occupied dwelling after he broke into a home and fell asleep.

Sarasota Police Officers arrested Timothy Bontrager, 29, after they were called to a home on May 16. According to the homeowner, she woke up at 7:20 a.m. to discover Bontrager sleeping on her couch.

The homeowner then allegedly asked Bontrager what he was doing there. In response, he began to apologize.

When she threatened to call the police, he began to pace around the living room before fleeing the home.

The homeowner told police officials that Bontrager came in through an unlocked sliding glass door. She also discovered that her wallet, driver’s license, credit cards and checks were missing.

Law enforcement officials later discovered Bontrager walking along a nearby road. He was taken to the county jail where he was booked.

The story later became viral and even appeared on the front page of Reddit. Users there took to the comment section to voice their opinions and thoughts on the matter.

“The thrill is gone,” one user said, “the job is so boring now.”

“[Breaking and entering] is hard work, sometimes you’ve just got to take a cat nap during it,” said another user.

“He wouldn’t be the first one to fall asleep as work,” another one added.

Source: WTSP, Reddit

Photo Credit: WTSP


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