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Florida Man Faces Trial After Shooting Commissioner Father For Megan Fox Joke (Video)

A South Florida man with Asperger’s syndrome is facing a first-degree murder charge for killing his father, South Miami City Commissioner Jay Beckman, in April 2009.

Jason Beckman, 21, is on trial for fatally shooting the 52-year-old with a 12-gauge Browning Citori shotgun after making an innocent joke about actress Megan Fox while he showered, the Daily Mail Online reported.

Beckman’s inmate Michael Nistal told jurors on Tuesday that just before the shooting, Beckman asked his father about the Hollywood actress.

“His father told him he [Jason] wouldn’t know what to do with that,” Nistal told the jurors, according to the Miami Herald.

The innocent joke sparked anger from Beckman, who reportedly talked about hating his father for years, according to prosecutors.

“So he went and got a shotgun and blew his head off,” Nistal said. “He missed his head and shot his face and part of his neck.”

Nistal added that Beckman said “he poked his father’s body with the shotgun to see if he was still alive.”

After his arrest, prosecutors say that Beckman admitted shooting his father to inmates, including Nistal, at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center in West Miami-Dade.

Nistal said that Beckman also planned to defend himself by saying that it was an accidental shooting, or by using self-defense or insanity. The inmate also told the court that Beckman was planning on killing witnesses after he is released.

Prosecutor Jessica Dobbins said in her opening statement last Wednesday that Beckman kept a list of people he did not like on a piece of notebook paper, and the name of his father was at the top, CBS Miami reported.

Tara Kawass, his defense attorney, countered by saying that when Beckman talked about wanting to murder his father, it could be due to Asperger's syndrome - a mild form of autism that caused him to say those things.


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