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Florida Man Carrying Air Rifle, Jermaine McBean, Shot and Killed by Sheriff’s Deputy

On Wednesday afternoon, 33-year-old Jermaine McBean, an infrastructure engineer at Zimmerman Advertising, was walking back to his apartment when a sheriff’s deputy reportedly ordered him to lower his weapon. McBean allegedly refused. The deputy then shot and killed McBean.

McBean's “weapon” was a Winchester Model 1000 Air Rifle.

According to CBS, earlier today the Broward Sheriff’s Office divulged the identity of the victim. His neighbors are shocked and appalled.

“It’s very bizarre,” said neighbor Kevin Hall. "He’d be about his business. He’d smile and get on his bike and take off. I didn’t catch anything that made me think he was odd.”

“He’s a good guy,” said another neighbor, Carlos Ferraira, who shared McBean’s love of cars. “We never had a problem.”

Oddly enough, the deputy who shot McBean is a 12-year BSO veteran. Meanwhile, the department is conducting an investigation into the shooting while the deputy has been placed on administrative assignment.

Sources: CBS


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